Lynnwood High School Class of 1978
2008 reunion, alumni photos, in memoriam, elementary photos and more.
Kuratowski's Closure-Complement Cornucopia
Bibliography of a famous theorem in mathematics.
47,008 Unique Texas Hold'em Matchups
Preflop high hand equity and tie percentages.
Poker Tournament Blog
Summaries of my tournament results.
Photo Blog
Daily photos from the road 2008-2010.
Jones' Fantastic Museum
Photos and memorabilia from a unique Seattle museum 1963-1980.
Freight Seesaw
Freight-balancing app for the trucking industry.
Index to Mathematical Problems 1975-1979
Journal and contest problems, indexed by subject. Co-edited with Stanley Rabinowitz.
The Kuratowski Closure-Complement Problem
Web app for constructing a Kuratowski 14-set.